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A Flat Top Guitar I Want to Build

"The Lucanese"


There is one Gibson flat top model that has intrigued me for a while: the Nick Lucas Special, with its small body, short scale, wide nut and deeper body.

I have decided to build a guitar combining characteristics of the Nick Lucas Special and elements of a contemporary guitar. This is how the idea of "The Lucanese" was born.

Width Upper-Bout 11"
Width Lower-Bout 15-1/8"
Length Body 19-1/2"
Depth neck (à la Nick Lucas) 4-3/4”
Depth tail (à la Nick Lucas) 4-7/8”
Short scale 24-3/4”
Fingerboard width at nut 1-3/4”
Neck/body joint at 14th fret
Maple back and sides

Engleman Spruce top

Mahogany neck - Vintage deep V profile

Elevated fingerboard

Ebony fingerboard

Ebony floating bridge

Ebony tailpiece

Venetian cutaway

Oval sound port on the upper bout

Bindings: Maple with Ebony purfling

Ebony back strip

Ebony nut

No fingerboard inlay

Side position markers

Solid headstock

Headstock overlay: (figured) Macassar Ebony

Rosette: Fine Ebony lines?

Tuners: Waverly "2-Band" Classic Banjo Tuning Pegs

Ebony Benedetto-style fingerrest

Heel strap button: Ebony

Benedetto Suspended Jazz Pickup
End Jack


1928 Gibson Nick Lucas Special
Smaller 13-1/2" rounded shape body
12 fret - Mahogany back and sides
(© Buffalobrosguitars.com)

1930 Gibson Nick Lucas Special
Larger 14-3/4" body
13 fret clear of the body/elevated fingerboard/tailpiece and floating bridge
(© Folkwaymusic.com)
1932 Gibson Nick Lucas Special
13 fret - Rosewood back and sides
Converted from trapeze and floating bridge to pin bridge
(© Folkwaymusic.com)
1934 Gibson Nick Lucas Special
14 fret - Maple back and sides
(© Folkwaymusic.com)
1925 Gibson L-5
A classic and another source of inspiration
(© Folkwaymusic.com)
Waverly "2-Band" Classic Banjo Tuning Pegs
(© www.stewmac.com)

Shelly Park Guitars
David Eichelbaum Guitars

Ebony Tailpiece and Fingerrest
Benedetto Guitars
Benedetto Suspended Jazz Pickup
(© www.stewmac.com)
Benedetto Archtop Guitar Fingerrest
(© www.stewmac.com)
A few Ted Thompson T-2X I have played
Thompson T-2X Roy Berns
Thompson T-2X Roy Berns
Thompson T-2X

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